Echoes of Spring


Fresh beauty continues to make a colorful splash through fall.

Enjoy the luscious waves of spring beauty until frost returns.
America’s popular choice for adding waves of color to early warm weather is obviously the azalea. There really is no other flowering shrub that can hold a candle to these spring blooming beauties. Autumn Encore Azaleas are becoming all the rage in yards and gardens across the country. This comes as no surprise, because these wonderful hybrid azaleas continue to rebloom from spring until frost.

Encore Azaleas offer new design tactics to any yard and garden.
The first new introduction in this series of reblooming azaleas appeared in 1997. Over the past decade, the collection has grown to over 20 different evergreen shrubs to choose from. Sizes range from petite flowering wonders of only 30 inches high and wide to stately selections that reach 5 feet tall. The range of colors available is dazzling with all expected azalea hues represented. There is an Encore azalea just right for anyone’s planting space.

The sight of azaleas in bloom is always heady and uplifting.
Enjoying their beauty takes on a whole new meaning when you get a new wave of blooms repeatedly. Just wait until you get the thrill of witnessing a fresh explosion of color the week of Thanksgiving. That isn’t stretching the truth. I have seen Encore azaleas putting on a fabulous show while everyone is busy stuffing the turkey for the feast.

This is definitely a four-season plant that deserves a standing ovation.
With good drainage, the Autumn Encore azalea is super simple to grow. Once established, they exhibit good drought tolerance and are proven to be pest and disease resistant. There is only one big problem you will have with growing Encore azaleas in your yard. You will run out of room to add to the beauty far too fast.

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